Lyrics to enjaka khunywa makalama (Wajakoyah)

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Enjaka khunywa makalama (Wajakoyah) was the circumcision song of the 2022 Bukusu traditional circumcision season. It being an election year, and in the tradition of songs of sikhebo to annotate the times, enjaka khunywa makalama engraves into history the most daring proposal ever by a candidate running for presidency in Kenya. In the 2022 polls, Roots Party of Kenya (RPK) candidate for presidency, Prof. George Wajakoyah, central election promise was to legalize trade in marijuana for industrial and medicinal. Prof. claimed enjaka (Lubukusu for weed) was the antidote to Kenya’s debt and unemployment problems. His wicked (pun intended) proposal captured the imagination of many. Wajakoyah’s version of the Kenyan dream crystalized in this song that was used during both khulanga and khuminya, “enjaka khunywa makalama”. In English, the song translates to ‘ we drink (take) the weed upside down/inside-out’.

Lyrics to enjaka khunywa makalama (Wajakoyah)

Soloist: Oyeeeeee ese khalikha 
Crowd: Oyeeeee ese khalika 
Soloist: Enjaka khunywa makalama
Crowd: Enjaka khunywa makalama, enjaka!
Soloist: Wajackoyah khunya makalama
Crowd: Enjaka khunywa makalama, enjaka!

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